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Impostor Factory trailer promises a wholesome apocalypse

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I do like a good mystery, and right now there are few games as mysterious as Impostor Factory (opens in new tab), the next (and seemingly final) entry in the To The Moon series, which claims to be a "wholesome celebration of the bloody end of the world." Developer Freebird Games has taken the emotional sci-fi/fantasy of To The Moon and Finding Paradise and chucked in Lovecraftian tentacles, bathroom-based time travel, murders and the end of the ruddy world. The latest trailer tells us everything and nothing, which is quite a feat.

We start in what looks like a country house: your typical setting for some mysterious murders. There's a lot of talk about mistakes, and then Stone Henge (or at least, a henge) appears, before some giant tentacles show up to tickle the Earth. We see the facility (if I recall correctly) where To The Moon's Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene go about their mind-altering business, while some lovely, wholesome music plays over the top. That sounds about right for a game that, according to the Steam page (opens in new tab), is "categorically out of its mind", but I have faith that Freebird Games' Kan Gao can bring it all together.

There's clearly a lot Gao is holding back about Impostor Factory. It's either a sequel or a prequel to To The Moon, and according to the Steam description all the time travel murder mystery business is only "around 1/3 of what the game is really about."

There's no date yet, but the description to the trailer states that "something weird is coming. Soon-ish." Meanwhile, Steam reckons that Impostor Factory will be with us at the end of this year. R (opens in new tab).

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