If a 49-inch super-wide monitor is too big, try this 43-inch model on for size

(Image credit: Philips)

Not everyone has room for a 49-inch super-wide monitor, so Philips has come out with a 'smaller' 43-inch version. Problem solved!

Okay, maybe not—if you're short on space, a 43-inch monitor is probably still too big. But for those who can fit one onto their desk (or wherever else), the new 439P9H brings a super-wide (aka, doublewide) form factor into the fold at a slightly less massive scale than the crop of 49-inch monitors, including the 492P8 that Philips introduced last year. [EDIT: It appears the 492P8 never materialized, at least not with that model number. Instead, Philips launched it as the 499P9H in January of this year.]

The smaller 43-inch model is also touting a curved (1800R) VA panel like its bigger sibling, albeit with a 3840x1200 resolution (32:10 aspect ratio). It's also somewhat fast, boasting a 100Hz refresh rate (with adaptive sync support) and 4ms gray-to-gray response time.

  • Panel type—VA
  • Panel size—43.4 inches
  • Resolution—3840x1200
  • Refresh rate—100Hz
  • Response time—4ms (GtG)
  • Brightness—450 nits
  • Contrast ratio—3,000:1 typical, 80,000,000:1 dynamic
  • Viewing angles—178 degrees vertical, 178 degrees horiztonal
  • Color gamut—105 percent NTSC, 123 percent sRGB, 91 percent Adobe RGB
  • HDR—DisplayHDR 400 certified

This monitor is DisplayHDR 400 certified, meaning it meets the requirements for VESA's entry-level HDR certification tier. With a brightness rating of 450 nits, though, it's not likely to deliver anywhere near the same HDR experience as a monitor with a 1,000 nits brightness capability (which is where HDR content really shines on LCD panels).

While not built specifically for gaming, Philips definitely has gamers in its sights.

"Gaming shouldn't be a choice between choppy gameplay or broken frames. Get fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any framerate with adaptive sync technology, smooth quick refresh, and ultra-fast response time," Philips says.

Beyond the marketing spin, the 100Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time are certainly respectable. The high color gamut also stands out.

Connectivity options include two DisplayPort 1.4 ports, an HDMI 2.0b port, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-C ports (one upstream and one downstream with power delivery up to 90W), four USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, a headphone jack, and a GbE LAN port. The extra ports and Ethernet are because the display can act as a single connection docking station.

The Philips 439P9H monitor will be available later this month for £879. There's also no word on when it will ship in the US or how much it will cost when it does. Either way, we don't expect there to be any Black Friday deals featuring this specific models (though there will be on other monitors, as there is every year).

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