I look away for ten seconds and Starfield's modders have already pumped out way too many meme flashlight mods

Starfield joke flashlight Nic Cage
(Image credit: Bethesda)

Well, that certainly didn't take long. It looks like Starfield's handy dandy Constellation cadet junior flashlight has a simple, easy-to-swap texture file for the end of its beam, and modders over on the Nexus have gotten to work swapping in all manner of gag flashlights for our enjoyment. Here are a few of my favorites to emerge from this veritable artistic renaissance: 

Todd Howard Flashlight Replacer by GeraldMods

(Image credit: Bethesda, GeraldMods)

The granddaddy himself, of course we have to pay our respects to The Don before going any further. With the Todd Howard beam tracking along Starfield's surfaces, it's almost like Bethesda Games' big hoss is some manner of proud clockwork god peering in on the world he helped create.

Do you get to the Cloud District very often?

There are not one, but two flashlight mods featuring the face of Windhelm's resident fop, Nazeem, both released within bare hours of each other. But in this showdown for the ages, which is A Bug's Life, and which is Antz? Nazeemlight by Starboy Cosmic lends a certain sinister quality by giving the Redguard a strained rictus grin⁠—he sort of looks like he belongs on an Aphex Twin cover. Nazeem Flashlight by coolterror, meanwhile, gives him a naturalistic, winning smile, like an old friend who just caught sight of you. 

I don't think I'll be using either in my game.

Giga Chad Flashlight Pack by DWMarkus

(Image credit: Bethesda, DWMarkus)

I see young people posting this picture of an improbably muscular and strong-jawed male model or "Giga Guy" back and forth with each other to indicate their approval of various subjects, that they are "based" and not "cringe". I'm happy for them, but sometimes I wish they'd go outside and meet more people their own age, you know?

Ahegao Flashlight by Mayleen16

(Image credit: Bethesda, Mayleen16)

Stop it.

Ryan Gosling Blade Runner Flashlight by MozzyFX

(Image credit: Bethesda, MozzyFX)

In this scene from Dennis Villenueve's Blade Runner: 2049, Officer K (played by Ryan Gosling) stands illuminated in the purple glow of an advertisement for Joi (Ana de Armas), the digital assistant/companion he had fallen in love with, and then lost. Was K's connection with Joi real? Was she capable of love? Is K, come to think of it? Who cares, what really matters is: "he just like me fr."

Nicolas Cage Flashlight Mod by Brandoman

(Image credit: Bethesda, Brandoman)

They say he never turns down a role, and after a late career renaissance including such films as Mandy, Pig, and The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent, veteran actor Nic Cage seems to be slumming it with a performance as Starfield's flashlight beam.

Phil Spencer Flashlight by maquinaremos

(Image credit: Bethesda, maquinaremos)

Xbox's very own big cheese also makes an appearance as the Starfield flashlight. His calm gaze of cool command also seems to project a slight disappointment that you're playing Starfield on PC and not an Xbox Series™ console, but we're just going to have to agree to disagree on that one, Phil.


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