I can't believe my eyes! Razer Synapse is getting a much-needed quality-of-life update

Updated Razer Synapse
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Some good news from RazerCon 2023: everyone's favorite snake-themed hardware company announced a new software suite, including a new and improved Razer Synapse. The company promises that its hardware configuration software will be "faster, smoother, smarter."

Most of us can agree that we have a stressful working relationship with Razer Synapse. If you currently own or have ever owned Razer peripherals, chances are you've dealt with this fickle software when updating drivers or customizing the RGB. It seems like Razer is addressing a lot of our pain points with the new Synapse. 

The app interface is getting a complete redesign. It seems more streamlined and potentially snappier, giving you everything you need to customize your device's settings without clicking through multiple screens. 

The biggest, most notable improvement is now that installing and updating devices will no "longer interrupt other devices that are currently in use." For example, on Synapse 3, if you update the drivers on a Razer keyboard, it'll power cycle through all your plugged-in USB devices, taking them offline for a moment. It's very annoying.

Speaking of RGB, Razer also announced that it is launching a standalone Chroma app. This software will handle everything RGB on your devices, whether a keyboard, mouse, headset or its newly announced Aether RGB lightbulbs and LED strips. You still can control and customize RGB from the new Synapse, but the Chroma app seems solely for people who are only concerned about lighting and not updating a Huntsman keyboard's drivers.

Razer Axon is the most intriguing of the software announcements. It leverages a suite of AI tools called Axon Create (powered by Leonardo.ai) that will let users create custom wallpapers and Chroma lighting patterns by simply typing in a text prompt and letting the AI do the rest.


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