HyperX's new Cloud Alpha Wireless gaming headset battery lasts up to 300 hours

Cloud Alpha wireless headset
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CES has seen some very cool announcements so far, from Samsung’s tricksy curved gaming monitor, or this PC case which opens and closes its vents depending on temperature. Some CES innovations are a little more practical, like this new wireless headset that boasts 300 hours of battery life in a single charge.

HyperX headsets are already known for generally being very good. Their wireless models especially take the cake, so chances are the new HyperX Cloud Alpha Wireless gaming headset will be one to watch. Despite that huge battery life, HyperX claims it’s not much heavier than the previous version but I’d still want to try one out before committing my head.

Cut the cord...

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Otherwise it seems like a solid headset. It features DTS Headphone X spatial audio, which should give players a real sense of being in a 3D space with sound realistically coming from all directions. Then there's the new dual chamber drives which claim to be slimmer and lighter than those from the wired version, while still matching the sound quality. To top it all off there’s a noise cancelling removable mic that comes with one of the ever helpful LED indicators for when you’re on mute.  It should be available in February at $199.99 USD.

The two other HyperX headsets included in the line up are the new HyperX Cloud II gaming headset and the HyperX Cloud Core gaming headset. We found out a bit more about the wireless HyperX Cloud Core late last year, as it also has DTS Headphone X spatial audio capability. We should see it hit shelves in January at $69.99. The HyperX Cloud II, on the other hand, is due out in March for $99.99 USD. It's equipped with an advanced audio control box for 7.1 for virtual surround sound, and now comes in pink and white.

HyperX also showed off the company’s Clutch Wireless gaming controller which works with mobile devices or PCs, but has a special, detachable clip for the former. It’s battery life isn’t quite the 300 hours of the new headset though, but it does come packing rechargeables which deliver 19 hours from a single charge. The Clutch is set to come out in march March at $49.99. 

The company’s new Pulsefire Haste wireless gaming mouse, and Alloy Origins 65 mechanical gaming keyboard are also looking like nice additions to the HyperX line up. They're also both due out in February for $79.99, and $99.99 respectively. 

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