Hunt: Showdown showcases terrifying extended in-game footage

"Hunt: Showdown is like Van Helsing meets Cthulhu", is how our Steven describes Hunt: Showdown, PC Gamer's E3 2017 Game of Show, before then comparing it to DayZ, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, and Stalker. Even if you missed the teaser trailer that seeped out of the Los Angeles Convention Centre show floor last week, that billing alone would suggest it's onto something good. 

Steven shared his full thoughts over here, however Crytek—the folks behind the Crysis series—has now unveiled some extended E3 footage which showcases the game in its alpha state. Within you'll find a healthy serving of "tense match-based first-person PvP" monster hunting which, to be honest, looks pretty horrifying.

Skip to 6.20 for some pretty gruesome sound effects that'll surely put you off your mid-afternoon snack. Sorry folks.

One thing that caught my eye there is the process of banishing—where players send their monstrous kill back to the otherworldly dimensions whence they came. Here's Steven with a little more on that: 

"Once the monster is dead, the hunters begin the process of banishing it back to hell. Doing so drops the loot they need in order to progress their characters, but it also notifies every other team on the map so they can try to intervene. Banishing starts a countdown that takes several minutes to finish, leaving plenty of time for PvP between teams battling for the bounty.

"Once they start banishing, another team rushes into the compound to try to steal the bounty. That's when one of the hunters starts the compound generator, turning on all of the lights and drawing the attention of nearby monsters. The area devolves into chaos as both teams exchange fire while also dispatching the zombies flooding into the area. In all the commotion, the two hunters are able to grab the bounty and make a break for the exfiltration zone at the end of the map."

It's early days yet for Hunt: Showdown, however expect to see much more in the coming months.