Humble Indie Bundle 18 features Kentucky Route Zero, Owlboy, and more

The Humble Indie Bundles just keep coming, and we're now onto the 18th instalment of cheap indie game goodness. The Humble Indie Bundle 18 contains seven games right now, based on how much you pay, with more being added next week. 

At the "pay what you want" tier, you'll get Ziggurat, Windward, and SteamWorld Heist. Ziggurat is a first person dungeon crawler from 2014 with procedurally generated levels. In Windward, you're sailing around an open world, which also happens to be procedurally generated. Actually, there might be a theme here, as SteamWorld Heist is a strategy game from last year which contains procedurally generated levels too. 

In the "pay more than the average" tier, which is currently sitting at $7.48/£5.81, you'll find three games which aren't randomly generated. Kentucky Route Zero is an adventure game taking place over four acts which ooze style and mystery. Beholder has you taking on the role of a landlord of an apartment block, who must spy on his tenants in order to keep his government bosses happy. Also in this tier is Goat Simulator, and all the DLC that comes with it. It's an incredibly realistic simulation of how a goat lives its life, but not really. More games will be added to this tier next Tuesday.

If you pay more than $13/£10, you'll also unlock Owlboy, a story driven 16-bit Metroidvania style platformer which came out towards the end of last year.

You've got until May 30 to take advantage of all these indie game deals, which total $127 if you were to pay for them all separately. You're also able to select how much of your payment will go to charity, which is always nice.  

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