How to watch the 2022 Devolver Direct showcase

Devolver Direct 2022 teaser trailer - Suda51 with the caption "Maniacal Laughter"
(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

In all this week and weekend's not-exactly-E3 schedule, don't forget about Devolver Direct—the summer showcase that will make you feel like you've slept over at a friend's house in 2003, fallen asleep to Cartoon Network, and woken up in the cursed 2 am hours of Adult Swim. 

As ever, Devolver appears to have planned a super weird, meta storyline commenting on industry trends at large, but the publisher does also show trailers for upcoming games. This thing is about games, right? For those invested in the year-to-year story, it looks like Devolver's fictional CEO Nina Struthers has a bit of competition, being joined by non-fictional show host Suda51.

How to watch the Devolver Digital showcase:

Devolver Direct 2022 premieres on Thursday, June 9 at 3 pm Pacific / 11 pm BST on Twitch. It's also being shown as part of the Summer Game Fest on YouTube.

As always, Devolver's show promises to be plenty weird. Expect countdowns for countdowns and probably reveals for reveals too, and all the other things that we've maybe gotten too actually used to from the big publishers.

As for the games, we know that Devolver still has the likes of Wizard With A Gun, Cult of the Lamb, and also Terra Nil upcoming. We could get updated trailers or release dates for each. There are sure to also be reveals for unknown and announced projects that Devolver's recently brought into its publishing stable this year.

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