Everything we know about Field Upgrades in Call of Duty: Cold War

cod cold war field upgrades
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Want to know more about Call of Duty: Cold War Field Upgrades? These are additional items players can use to gain a tactical advantage, and they were a major part of Modern Warfare and previous Call of Duty games. That isn't changing with Black Ops: Cold War.

While many upgrades in Cold War will feel familiar to Modern Warfare fans, several new items are thrown into the mix. Here's everything you need to know about Field Upgrades in Cold War, including what they are, and the ones you'll be able to use on the battlefield. 

What are Field Upgrades? 

Field Upgrades is additional gear that provides an advantage in a firefight. Some Upgrades help you prepare for combat, while others will give you an immediate advantage during the fight itself.

Field Upgrades were a major part of Modern Warfare. The trophy system, an item that deflects airborne explosives and tactical grenades, became a necessity while driving any vehicle. It prevented other players from easily killing you with C4, which was a standard tactic for much of the game's lifespan. Other upgrades, like Dead Silence, Stopping Power, and Munition Boxes, are crucial items that could be the difference between winning and losing close matches. 

What are the Call of Duty: Cold War Field Upgrades?

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Like Call of Duty: Cold War scorestreaks, Field Upgrades have been changed to match the game's setting. Some items, like the proximity mine and trophy system, are similar to items in Modern Warfare. The rest of the upgrades are different from those added by Infinity Ward. 

Here are all the Field Upgrades we expect to see in Cold War:

  • Proximity Mine: A throwable mine that damages players that run or drive over it. It can be avoided by crouch-walking. 
  • Field Mic: A device that highlights enemy sounds on your minimap.
  • Trophy System: A device that destroys enemy explosive equipment and launcher missiles within ten meters. Unlocked at level 15. 
  • SAM Turret: A turret that launches missiles at enemy controlled aircraft like spy planes and helicopters. Unlocked at level 18.
  • Gas Mines: A throwable mine that emits a harmful gas when enemy players walk in it's proximity. Unlocked at level 24.
  • Jammer: A device that creates an electronic disruption field, disabling enemy Field Upgrades and degrading enemy minimap information. Unlocked at level 36.
  • Assault Pack: A supply cache containing ammo that gives bonus score for killing enemies.

It's worth noting that Field Upgrades from Modern Warfare have become perks in Cold War. Dead Silence, which hid the sound of your movement for a short time, is now a tier 3 perk that you can equip to any loadout. 

The proximity mine is another gadget that's changed between games. A piece of tactical equipment in Modern Warfare, it was essential for camping. Turning it into a Field upgrade limits its effectiveness, as players will only be able to use one proximity mine rather than two.

Initial impressions from the beta indicate that the Field Mic is one of the most useful Field Upgrades, as it pings nearby enemy locations in (almost) real-time. That kind of advantage is hard to beat. 

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How to use CoD: Cold War Field Upgrades

Field Upgrades are currently tied to specific classes, similar to Modern Warfare. Only one Field Upgrade is equipped per class, so you'll have to choose your class carefully.

Every Field Upgrade also has a recharge time, meaning they can't be used again immediately after their first use. The trophy system, for example, has a one-minute-and-20-second cool down. Recharge time lengths are listed next to the item in the menu. 

How do Field Upgrades work in Warzone?

Field Upgrades shouldn't operate any differently in Cold War once Warzone is integrated in December. Currently, Field Upgrades are found on the ground with other loot, or can be purchased with cash at Buy Stations. Players cannot add Field Upgrades to loadouts in Warzone like they can in regular multiplayer matches, and this probably won't change when Black Ops Cold War is integrated.