How to find the photo intel in the Call of Duty: Cold War Redlight, Greenlight mission

Black Ops cold war photo intel locations - redlight greenlight
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Where are the six Black Ops - Cold War photo intel locations in the Redlight, Greenlight mission? While this is an optional task, it's worth taking on while you work through the main mission in the Call of Duty: Cold War campaign. There's important evidence to uncover and capture, so this objective requires you to have your camera handy.

Take your time thoroughly scouring each area, as it's easy to miss some of these items. Lockpicking your way into rooms and scanning the walls will ensure that you don't miss anything. Thankfully the game will notify you each time you take a photo of a relevant piece of intel, so you'll know once you've found everything. Anyway, that's enough chatter, here's how to find every Black Ops - Cold War Redlight, Greenlight photo intel location.

How to find every Black Ops - Cold War photo intel location in Redlight, Greenlight

Photo Intel One: Search the Guard House

Shortly after arriving at the base, and taking a photo of it, eliminate the enemies in the area and slide down onto the road below. You're then prompted to search the Guard House. On the wall is a map with a drawing of the base attached. Take a photo of it to collect the first piece of photo intel. 

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Photo Intel Two: Check the whiteboard 

After following Woods and taking out some guards, walk downstairs and along the corridor. Look for a door on the left side, once inside, turn your attention to the wall on the right side and snap a picture of the map taped to the whiteboard. 

Photo Intel Three: Comb the bar

After walking through the arcade, this piece of photo intel requires you to head back inside, into a bar. There are lots of enemies running around in this area, but you can't miss the neon 'Open' sign on the side of the building. Walk upstairs and take a photo of the map on the brick wall.

Photo Intel Four: Is that really the time?

After taking the elevator to the Control Tower, and using the mainframe terminal, follow Woods into the other room, then turn right to discover another map taped underneath the clocks on the wall.    

Photo Intel Five: Tight squeeze

Continue following Woods to encounter even more soldiers. Woods mentions that the enemies are trying to cut you off. Take care off these problematic foes and then walk down the stairs, and make a right. Here you'll find a little room with another piece of photo intel attached to the wall, above a box.

Photo Intel Six: Behind the chair

Once you've found the Cigma 2 rocket, clear out the area. Walk into the side room and take a photo of the final piece of evidence you need. Similar to the other items, it's taped to the wall, this time behind a folded chair and stool.

One thing you may have noticed while gathering photo intel is that you also collected the Nationwide Observer newspaper along the way. This is a vital piece of evidence that will help you find the Call of Duty: Cold War floppy disk code and passphrase in the Operation Chaos side mission.

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