How to get the Warzone stadium access code

cod warzone stadium access code
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(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

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What is the CoD: Warzone Stadium code? Prior to Warzone's Season 5 update, the Stadium was mostly just an eyesore at the middle of the map that cheeky players would parachute on to camp. Now that it's a wide-open, fully-featured stadium with loot-filled pavillions, Infinity Ward went ahead and hid a bunker in there too.

Though, the Stadium bunker isn't much like the usual Warzone bunkers. Cracking it open is much more elaborate. On top of making it to the bunker alive, prospective loot hunters will also need to chase down several door codes that change every match. Complete the whole chore and you'll nab yourself the Enigma Warzone blueprint.

How to get the Warzone stadium code, and the Enigma blueprint

Getting into a single stadium bunker is one thing: Getting into two or three in a single match is quite another. This is what you'll have to do if you want to get past the double doors with a keypad next to it on the top level of the stadium and get the rare rewards contained within.

So, inside each standard keycard room—details on how to get into those can be found further down this page—is a computer that gives you a Warzone stadium code that changes every match, a series of symbols and numbers. As YouTuber Geeky Pastimes explains in the video below, when you have the first code, write it down, and open another keycard door to fill in most of the remaining numbers. This should give you all but one of the numbers you need, so you can then approach the double doors on the executive level with trial and error.

The video above shows what's inside the room, so beware of spoilers if you want to work it out for yourself. So, while the infamous bunker 11 featured a nuke inside—seemingly a reference to the next game in the shooter series, Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War—whether there's something similar inside this boardroom is yet to be determined, but there are some interesting-looking maps and computers. What you certainly get is the AMAX Enigma blueprint (there's probably a joke in there somewhere), more loot, and some celebratory fireworks outside. Nice.

Warzone stadium keycard locations

So, before you can even get the code, you need to get past at least two doors with keycard slots next to them. Like the red keycards you used to get into the other bunkers, now there are new keycards specific to each of the three locked stadium keycard doors. They are:

  • P216: Parking level
  • CL19: Middle concourse level
  • EL21: Top, executive level

If you find one, it'll appear on the bottom-left of your screen next to your name. They also seem to be random drops, so you'll need luck to be with you as you explore this hot zone.

If you successfully get inside you'll be able to hoover up a few chests full of top-tier loot, but what you really want is the Warzone stadium access code, so use the instructions above to combine the code you get from the computer inside—which, remember, changes every match—with another code in a different keycard room to get a better idea of the overall puzzle solution you're looking for. Below are the locations for each keycard room, but consult the video guide above if you're stuck.

EL21 Warzone location: Top floor

The EL21 keycard opens a door on the top floor of the stadium on the southeast side. Wind round the corridor until you see the door in the video above with the keypad next to it—it's a circular one that runs around the stadium, so you'll see it eventually.

Warzone P216 location: Parking garage (Basement)

In the lowest level of the stadium, in the car park, the P216 keycard door is in the north-west corner. Once you're in the garage, head down the slope to where you need to go.

Warzone CL19 location: Middle floor

Search the middle level for the CL19 door. It's found by the corner of the bar in the club lounge.

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