How to Unlock the secret Alchemist archetype in Remnant 2

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Remnant 2 is filled with secrets, including some new unlockable archetypes to snag for your own gun-toting journey across its weird worlds. One of these is the Alchemist, an archetype capable of supporting its team with powerful offensive and defensive buffs. 

As soon as you've unlocked an archetype, you can select it whenever you start a new character—though any archetype other than your starting choice will have to be discovered and unlocked again in the world as normal, crafting its Engram a second time. 

Luckily, finding the Alchemist's crafting material is straightforward, you just need a little rerolling luck and the willingness to be grabbed by a giant rat man.

Where to find the Alchemist archetype

To find the Alchemist archetype, you need to visit the world of Losomn. Specifically, the Morrow Parish zone, which can show up as your starting area whenever you roll Losomn as a world in the campaign.

If you don't visit the Morrow Parish after beating your first trip through Losomn, you can touch the world stone at Ward 13 to reroll "adventure" campaigns until you get it. You can also reroll your main campaign, but this isn't recommended unless you're just starting out, as doing so will completely reset your progress.

Once you're in Losomn, you want to keep an eye out for sewer grates. Prepare yourself for a jumpscare, as you're going to have to let yourself be snagged by a big rat man doing his best Pennywise impression.

A hero from Remnant 2 gets yoinked into the sewer by a large rat man.

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Walk up to every grate you see. Eventually, a rat man will lunge for your ankles and drag you into the sewers. You'll wake up among a pile of bones, hale and hearty, if a little traumatised. 

Stepping out into a courtyard, you'll be attacked by an albino rat man. Shoot it dead to receive the Mysterious Stone, a crafting material that'll let you unlock the Alchemist Archetype back at Ward 13.

 How to unlock the Alchemist archetype

Wallace, a merchant in Remnant 2, offers a trade for the Engram which unlocks the Alchemist archetype.

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With your new armour and Mysterious Stone safely tucked away, make a beeline for Wallace, who can be found in his nest atop the crane in Ward 13. Once there, you'll be able to trade the Mysterious Stone and 10 lumenite crystals for the Philosopher's Stone.

Now you'll be able to buff your allies' damage resistances, drive them to a frenzy, or restore them with the fabled Elixir of Life—at its highest level you'll also be able to have up to three concoction buffs going at a time, so get brewing.

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