How to get a Counter UAV in Warzone

how to get a counter uav warzone
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Want to know how to get a Counter UAV in Warzone? You may have noticed that Counter UAVs have crept into Verdansk recently, catching everyone off-guard. Some players have discovered how to achieve the effect of a Counter UAV without actually having one, whereas others have reportedly been lucky enough to score them in supply boxes.

Locating this elusive killstreak is challenging in Warzone, but this Buy Station screenshot on Reddit suggests that Counter UAVs may be arriving in buy stations at a later date. I'll update this guide when new information comes to light on that, but for now, here's where to find Warzone Counter UAVs, and how they work.

Where to find a Counter UAV in Warzone

While a few players have shared clips that evidence their existence in Verdansk, they're very difficult to get your hands on. Recently I noted how rare the new Warzone Spotter Scope is, but locating one of those feels far more likely than discovering this new addition. There are currently two ways to get Counter UAVs in Warzone:

  • Open supply boxes and search floor loot.
  • Call in four UAVs at once.

Opening supply boxes and scouring floor loot is always a gamble. While tearing through buildings in search of the best gear is all part of the battle royale experience, there's no guarantee you'll find rare items. I've yet to stumble across the Counter UAV, but judging by this clip shared by YouTuber MewtwoShadow, you can't miss them when you do eventually spot one. 

Alternatively, calling in four UAVs at the same time might not technically be a Counter UAV, but it's been proven to have the same effect. As you'd expect, you have to pay for the privilege of inconveniencing other players on this scale. Four UAVs cost $16,000 in Warzone so think carefully before dropping that kind of cash. You can call in multiple UAVs back-to-back, too, or get your squad mates to help you out.

Counter UAV in Warzone? I have 20 days in to warzone (no life I know) but I have never seen this... Map changes coming soon?!? from r/CODWarzone

After sending in all four recon ships it appears as though your minimap reacts similarly to you deploying a regular UAV, highlighting enemies as red dots on your radar. Interestingly, this event does trigger a voiceline, but only to warn opponents. The above gif, shared by Redditor u/Primary_Ammo shows the effects of the Counter UAV from an enemy's perspective. As you can see, it causes disruption by scrambling the mini map.

You can't buy a Counter UAV, yet

There's currently no way to buy a Counter UAV in Warzone. However, Redditor u/TwitterWWE recently discovered a Buy Station menu that listed the Counter UAV as purchasable equipment, listed at $4500—a mere $500 more than a regular UAV. While purchasable Counter UAVs didn't arrive with the most recent Warzone update, it's possible that we may be able to buy these killstreak items in matches in the near future.

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