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Here's what Hotline Miami would look like as a PSone game

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Above is a really neat interpretation of what Hotline Miami would look like as a 3D PSone game. It's a fan project by developer Puppet Combo, creator of indie horror games like Babysitter Bloodbath (opens in new tab) and Power Drill Massacre (opens in new tab). The video lasts for just over a minute, but offers a good look at what the game might've looked like if it was released in, say, 1999, and you had to play it with a DualShock controller.

It really captures the shaky 3D effect that strangely ended up defining the look of PSone games, and it has nice touches like the static TV screen and VHS kill counter. The developer followed up with some neat screenshots of the environments seen in the video:

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If you like this and you're interested in more of Puppet Combo's work, the developer has a Patreon for making Grindhouse-style horror games. The $5 tier promises at least one new game, experiment or prototype per month.

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