Here's how to watch the 40th annual Golden Joystick Awards

The 40th Golden Joystick Awards take place today and, after over three million public votes have been cast over 18 categories, we'll find out which games get the gongs. The show will be hosted by actors Laura Bailey and Troy Baker (Abby and Joel in The Last of Us, respectively), and you can watch the whole thing on Twitch, YouTube and GamesRadar+ at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET / 8 pm GMT.

The Golden Joystick Awards are run by PC Gamer's parent company, Future.

The Golden Joysticks is the longest running awards show in the industry, and the show will feature guest appearance and previous winners from across the gaming world, as well as new trailers and announcements. Finally, to cap the whole thing off, there'll be a special video celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Golden Joystick Awards.

You can see the full list of nominations here, and the categories are:

  • Studio of the Year
  • PC Game of the Year
  • PlayStation Game of the Year
  • Xbox Game of the Year
  • Nintendo Game of the Year
  • Best Multiplayer Game
  • Still Playing
  • Best Audio
  • Best Storytelling
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Indie Game
  • Best Game Expansion
  • Best Game Community
  • Best Gaming Hardware
  • Best Early Access Launch
  • Best Game Trailer
  • Most Wanted
  • Ultimate Game of the Year

Among the favourites are of course Elden Ring: nominated in four categories including Best Multiplayer Game and Best Visual Design, with developer FromSoftware Inc. also nominated for Studio of the Year. Can anything stop the foul tarnished? There are plenty of other big shiny games trying, including Horizon Forbidden West, Splatoon 3, Final Fantasy XIV and Teardown.

For more information visit the Golden Joystick Awards, or follow things at Twitter and Facebook.

Rich Stanton

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