Here's every Overwatch hero reimagined as a Hearthstone Death Knight card

With the announcement of Kobolds & Catacombs and the first weekly card reveal just in our rear-view mirror, the Hearthstone community is already  hard at work puzzling out the next meta hotness. (Clue: it's probably this dragon.) Meanwhile, Reddit user e_la_bron has been busy creating some totally not real, but still totally awesome custom Hearthstone cards based on Overwatch heroes. 

With the help of several artists, e_la_bron has card-ified every hero, including the newly revealed healer Moira. Custom Hearthstone cards are always a good time, (check out these Destiny and Game of Thrones sets), but it's especially interesting to see beloved Overwatch abilities filtered through Hearthstone mechanics. 

All the hero cards are loosely styled after the Death Knights introduced in Hearthstone's Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion, complete with potent battlecries, game-changing hero powers and bonus armor. I love how Zenyatta and Zarya play with Divine Shield, Reaper and Mercy's abilities are incredibly flavorful, and Moira and Lucio's flexibility has been cleverly leveraged.

There are some cool custom weapons included too, like Reinhardt's rocket hammer and Genji's windfury dragon sword, as well as token generators like Bastion's mech line and Symmetra's turrets. 

As you might imagine, there are some truly bonkers cards. Tracer is the standout for me: her battlecry is just the Mage quest with no downside, and the infinite Shadowsteps provided by her hero power are insane. With the ability to turn any minion into burst damage, Genji is also nuts. Some were so overpowered, in fact, that e_la_bron went back to tone them down with a few revisions, which you can view below.

Check out all the cards in the gallery below.

While Tracer and Winston were nerfed considerably, other heroes actually saw their power level buffed. Mei's hero power became infinite Ice Lances to echo her classic frozen headshots, and McCree's abilities were tweaked to distinguish him from Deathstalker Rexxar, the Hunter Death Knight. Interestingly, Sombra was also changed from a Mage card to a Rogue card. 

You can find more details in this Reddit thread, and the original album here

Austin Wood
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