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Fake Game of Thrones Hearthstone deck is fantastic, Targaryen is OP

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Excepting the editors who barricaded themselves in a supply room last week to escape its grasp, we've been playing a hell of a lot of Hearthstone in the office (Tim especially—read his new strategy column ). And like so many other humans with televisions, we've been keeping up on Game of Thrones. What are the chances: someone on the internet took two things we like and put them together!

Reddit poster (opens in new tab) randomnate has designed a brilliant Hearthstone deck of GoT characters (opens in new tab) . They'd definitely destroy the game, but randomnate has carefully combined GoT logic with Hearthstone logic—Daenerys, for instance, summons three Dragon Eggs, 0/2 cards with a deathrattle which summons 5/5 dragons. Targaryen is so OP.

I dropped everyone's favorite (and ridiculously powerful) Lannister below— see the whole 31-card set here (opens in new tab) .

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