Blizzard just revealed 9 new cards from Hearthstone's next expansion

I can think of few men who I'd trust to take me into a dungeon more than Brian 'Brian Kibler' Kibler, so this morning it was a delight to hear his dulcet tones guiding us through the first weekly Kobolds & Catacombs card reveal stream. With help from Kibler's trusty sidekick, game designer Peter Whalen, we got a look at plenty of interesting new stuff, not least two new legendary cards. 

The stream, which you can watch in its entirety here, kicked off with what's certain to be the sets new meme card of choice: Feral Gibberer. If there isn't already a soundboard dedicated to its super-annoying attack sound, then the Hearthstone community has let itself down badly.

All the new cards can be found in the gallery above, and of particular note are the first ever Secrets for Rogue, which are frankly long overdue given the class is all about stabbing its opponents in the back. Elsewhere, Druid gets a 'Choose Twice' card for the first time, Priest receives another Dragon-based board clear, Paladin has more Silver Hand Recruit synergy, and the Warrior's Spellstone card (the new mechanic whereby you level up a card whilst it's in your hand) seems pretty uninspiring (see below).

As for the legendaries, I really want to like the 8-Mana Hunter card that Recruits a Beast as its Battlecry and Deathrattle, but it seems incredibly slow for a class that has never worked as a lategame decks. The Shaman weapon is harder to evaluate. It's essentially multiple Tortollan Primalist Battlecry effects attached to a 3/3 weapon. Presumably you're going to be searching for AoE most of the time, but given the cost it only seems makes sense in a control Shaman build, and I'm still not sure that deck wants this sort of weapon. That said it is bound to make for some funny videos, and that's what we're all really here for right?

Kobolds & Catacombs will be out in early December, and I'm delighted to say we've got our own card to reveal on Wednesday 22 November at 8am PST / 11am EST / 4pm BST. If you're looking for something juicy to run in a Deathrattle deck, you won't want to miss this.

Tim Clark

With over two decades covering videogames, Tim has been there from the beginning. In his case, that meant playing Elite in 'co-op' on a BBC Micro (one player uses the movement keys, the other shoots) until his parents finally caved and bought an Amstrad CPC 6128. These days, when not steering the good ship PC Gamer, Tim spends his time complaining that all Priest mains in Hearthstone are degenerates and raiding in Destiny 2. He's almost certainly doing one of these right now.