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Here's an extended trailer for Ark: The Animated Series

During the Game Awards a short trailer debuted for an animated series based on multiplayer survival game Ark. Though it was overshadowed a little by the announcement of Ark 2 featuring a mocapped Vin Diesel—I sure hope he's not just a questgiver in the final game who sends me out to gather 15 triceratops butts or something—it was a slick-looking preview of a series with a stacked voice cast. Now there's a fuller, three-minute version featuring some of those actors.

Ark: The Animated Series will be about humans abducted from different time periods struggling to survive in a land full of dinosaurs, including Gerard Butler as a general from ancient Rome, Michelle Yeoh as a rebel leader from 3rd century China, David Tennant as a 19th century British scientist, Russell Crowe as a "dino-whisperer" from a time before history, and Madeleine Madden as an Australian paleontologist from the modern day. The cast also includes Malcolm McDowell, Elliot Page, Alan Tudyk, Karl Urban, and of course Vin Diesel, who is also an executive producer on both this series and Ark 2.

There will be 14 half-hour episodes of Ark: The Animated Series, spread over two series. It's currently in production and aiming for a launch in 2022.

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