Here's a cheat sheet for the Compass Datacenters quiz and a chance to win a $500 Razer gift card

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If you were paying attention to the PC Gaming Show this year, you'll have spotted an opportunity from our pals at Compass Datacenters to win yourself one of four $500 Razer gift cards. They weren't kidding, of course. If you didn't find a moment to jot down all the details between all the new trailers and exciting gameplay teasers, or need to know where to go for a chance to win, here are all the details again.

First off, if you need that quiz URL again, head to

Right, a reminder of the questions you'll need to answer for a chance at one of those $500 gift cards and a serious peripheral upgrade for your PC. Some of these questions you will have caught over the course of the PC Gaming Show, while others were kept secret to keep you on your toes. Sorry about that.

Don't worry, though. You have five lives and the quiz is multiple choice. It's sort of tough to fail.

  • Question #1: Datacenters provide an additional level of security. True or false?
  • Question #2: How much higher is 5G's data capacity compared to the current 4G networks?
  • Question #3: What percentage of gamers are female?
  • Question #4: How much has esports revenue increased since 2016?
  • Question #5: Which cities use the most bandwidth for gaming?

Do you know your speed of the data firing through the airwaves around you well enough to get that question right without Googling? How tip-top is your knowledge of global server stores? Do you know your esports from your pool shorts? Okay, that one was a bit of a stretch. But don't worry, this is an open book exam, and you can use Google if you really need to.

If you think you've got those questions down, head over to our friends at Compass Datacenters to enter your answers. The quiz is only a few clicks and you're done. 

Once submissions close and the winners have been drawn, the lucky four will be contacted by email. Make sure to check your inbox regularly for word on that.

And of course, where would PC gaming be without gigantic datacenters? So much of what our hobby is nowadays revolves around trillions of bits of data zipping around servers located across the globe, and all those regular updates we so crave have to live somewhere before they make it to our PCs. Not to mention the potential in cloud gaming to shake up our experiences in the future.

Oh and since we're nice, and you've read this far, here are the answers. Unfortunately we can't put them upside down or overleaf like we would in PC Gamer magazine, so just don't look down if you want to reach those answers all by yourself.

  • True
  • Up to 1000x more
  • 41%
  • Revenue tripled
  • Tokyo, London, San Francisco, Austin, Montreal
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