Here's 10 minutes of Saints Row 4's E3 gameplay footage

What does a game that got banned in Australia look like? Why, it looks like Saints Row 4 —which is to say that this game is full of offensive purple suits. Here's the in-game walkthrough that was shown off at E3, narrated by senior producer Jim Boone. No, he does not explain why the President of the United States has tigers just casually lounging about the White House.

Like, of course there's an official White House Turret. This is how an alien invasion is dealt with, Saints Row-style. The second half of the video gives us a taste of the open-world mayhem we loved in the previous Saints Row games, featuring a superpowered sprint through the city and a host of new abilities, including one which causes nearby enemies to randomly burst into flames. Yep, it seems the silliness of the previous Saints Row games really has been topped —and it's looking glorious.