Here are all 8 trailers from Devolver's weird-ass E3 show

(Image credit: Devolver Digital)

You can always count on Devolver to deliver some weirdness at E3, and this year was no different. The publisher offered a refreshingly curated series of games for its 2021 effort, the trailers for which you can watch below. It's an interesting mix of stuff, from the wild, fast-paced combat of Shadow Warrior, to disturbing card game Inscryption. A lot of today's indie streams have been overwhelmingly packed with stuff, to the point where the games start blurring into one (hello, Guerrilla Collective), so it's nice to see something more focused from Devolver. And the games all look good too, so that's a bonus.

Shadow Warrior 3

Trek to Yomi

Phantom Abyss

Wizard With a Gun

Death's Door


Devolver Tumble Time

Demon Throttle

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