Here are the 70+ games shown at the 2021 Guerrilla Collective E3 showcase

Guerrilla Collective
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Guerrilla Collective is a yearly celebration of indie games, and this year the show featured an enormous selection of them. Some were updates or console releases of games we already know about, but the bulk of them were upcoming games that got new trailers. If you missed the stream, or just want to save yourself some time, here are the trailers for just about every game featured in the show:

Aragami 2 

A third-person stealth game featuring an assassin with the power to control shadows.


A Metroidvania hack-and-slasher where you can switch between two parallel dimensions.

Arcade Paradise

Turn an old laundromat into a '90s arcade, with 35 playable retro-style games to fill it with.


An action RPG with crunchy pixel art and fast-paced action in the vein of bullet-hell shooters.

Arietta of Spirits

Story-driven action/adventure with a story the dev describes as emotional and surprising.

Batora: Lost Haven

A game that combines the features of a hack-and-slash action RPG and a twin-stick shooter.

BATS the Game

A side-scrolling retro-style action game promising "gallons of blood" and vampire slaying.

Behind the Frame

A Ghibli-esque narrative-driven puzzle game with neat painting and drawing mechanics.

Black Book

A creepy horror game based on Slavic myths, starring a young magic-wielding sorceress.

Blooming Business: Casino

Design, build, and run a casino in this game inspired by the rise of Las Vegas in the 1950s.

Death Trash

Punks with shotguns and cosmic horrors star in this post-apocalyptic action RPG.

Demon's Mirror

A roguelike deck-builder where you can chain tiles on the board to turn the tide of a battle.

Despot's Game

A game that combines roguelike tactics with fast-paced battles in a post-apocalyptic maze.


A firefighting action/platformer where you put out fires and fight dastardly pyro-monsters.


Trippy Metroidvania game featuring weapons that are actually living, mutating creatures.

Happy's Humble Burger Farm

A weird horror game about making burgers in a creepy restaurant.

Hello Neighbor 2

An intriguing stealth horror sequel about digging up your creepy neighbor’s secrets.

Hunt the Night

An action/adventure game heavily inspired by the Souls games with a retro aesthetic.

Kitsune Tails

Run, jump, and dash across a land inspired by Japanese mythology in a retro platformer.

Loot River

Dungeon crawling roguelike that mixes Dark Souls inspired combat and Tetris-style puzzles.


This MMORPG is already out, but a new class, the bard, has been revealed.

No Longer Home

A semi-autobiographical point-and-click adventure about the anxiety of moving out.

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator

Alchemist simulator where you physically interact with tools and ingredients to brew potions.

Rawmen: Food Fighter Arena

An outlandish, food-themed multiplayer arena shooter for up to 8 players.


In the words of the developer: NBA Jam meets Rogue Legacy, with robots.


Beautiful, atmospheric open world exploration game with Moebius-inspired art.

Serial Cleaners 

Stealth action crime story in which you alternate between playing four eccentric mob cleaners.

Severed Steel

A singleplayer FPS featuring wild stunts and destructible voxel environments.

Slime Heroes

A co-op game set in a fantasy world where you play as a tiny blob of sentient slime.

The Light of the Darkness

An action RPG for 'hardcore gamers' inspired by Castlevania and Legacy of Kain.

Trash Sailors

A hand-drawn sailing simulator. Build a boat and sail the seas with 4 pals in co-op.


A stealth game inspired by the original MSX-era Metal Gear games, with jokes.

Venice 2089

A narrative game set in a Venice that has been abandoned due to climate change.

White Shadows

A cinematic puzzle/platformer with a dark story and a shadowy monochrome art style.


An ex-yakuza enters a mech battle tournament in this turn-based strategy game.

Aeon Drive

Retrieve faulty pieces of dimension-bending machinery in this speedrunning action-platformer set in cyberpunk Barcelona.


An axolotl with an assault rifle protects his pond from invaders in this top-down arcade arena shooter. 

ANNO: Mutationem

An action-adventure RPG set in a cyberpunk world that mixes 2D and 3D pixel-art graphics.

Beasts of Maravilla Island

Become a young wildlife photographer on a magical island filled with extraordinary creatures in this 3D adventure game.


A bizarre sci-fi survival-horror RPG set in the infamous Exclusion Zone surrounding the destroyed Chernobyl reactor. 

El Paso, Elsewhere

Hunt werewolves, vampires, fallen angels, and other supernatural creatures in a reality-shifting hotel that exists deep underground in Texas. 


A Lovecraft-inspired action-RPG featuring skill-based combat. 


Guide the last of the Fox Mothers and her three cubs through the remains of an Earth left ruined by the rapacious greed of humanity. 

Fire Tonight

Follow Maya's quest across a maze-like city on fire as she seeks to reunite with Devin in this narrative puzzle game set in 1990. 

Grow: Song of the Evertree

Restore the splendor of the Evertree as the last of the Everheart Alchemists.

Guild of Dungeoneering: Ultimate Edition

A "completely rebuilt version" of the 2015 turn-based dungeon crawler with a twist.


A first-person shooter set shortly before the end of the Cold War, and also in a parallel dimension, just to keep things interesting.

Kraken Academy

Join with the Kraken to make friends and save the world in what may or may not be an institute of higher learning.

KungFu Kickball

It's kickball with kung fu. What did you expect? Supports singleplayer and local or online multiplayer.


A pixel-art survival game set in 19th-century New England.

Legend of Keepers: Return of the Goddess

The first DLC for the "reverse dungeon crawler" Legend of Keepers adds new environments, monsters, and more.


Become an amnesiac hero attempting to escape a strange castle ruled by the Red King—who may not be quite what you expect.

My Lovely Wife

Explore the depths of one man's grief after the sudden death of his beloved wife, and discover the importance of letting go.


Embark upon a journey of discovery across an ancient world filled with puzzles, mysteries, and obstacles to overcome.

Onsen Master

Cure your customers' ailments as the manager of a hot springs resort on a fantasy island. 

Rubi: The Wayward Mira

A 2D Metroidvania featuring non-linear gameplay in a lush world filled with magic and science in equal measure.

Run Die Run Again

A fast-paced first-person precision platformer.

Source of Madness

Fight nightmarish beasts in this sidescrolling action game set in a dark, Lovecraft-inspired world.

Super Space Club

An arcade-style shooter about a team of anthropomorphic heroes who want to be the galaxy's foremost defenders.

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner

The second game in "Jacob Jazz's Treelogy," this first-person horror-adventure is a blend of a '90s sitcom, Luigi's Mansion, and the tabletop game Clue.

The Eternal Cylinder

Herd strange creatures on an alien world that's under constant threat from a giant rolling cylinder that flattens everything in its path.

The Legend of Tianding

Rob the rich and feed the poor as you explore the streets of colonial Japanese Taiwan as legendary folk hero Liao Tianding in this sidescrolling action game.

The Lightbringer

Follow your sister's spirit to cleanse the corruption plaguing your beautiful world in this "poetic" puzzle-platformer.


A Terraria-style multiplayer sandbox filled with loot, danger, and creativity.


A fox tries to restore peace to his world in this twin-stick game inspired by classic platformers.

Ultra Age

A high-speed 3D hack-and-slasher set in a world on the edge of ruin.


After escaping unscathed from a devastating accident, writer Ed Miller embarks upon a disturbing journey into the depths of his own mind to discover the truth of that terrible day.


Explore playful, hand-drawn levels accompanied by a reactive, dynamic soundtrack in this meditative platformer set in a floating world.

Zodiac Legion

Lead your heroes through daring raids and forgotten ruins, and master the secrets of volatile ancient magic in this turn-based tactical RPG.

Wholesome Direct

Guerrilla Collective was followed by another stream, Wholesome Direct, which featured another barrage of trailers. All of the games shown on that stream are listed on its official website.

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