Guardians of the Galaxy: Should you hide the llama or the tech?

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There are a few choices to make in Guardians of the Galaxy, though the consequences aren't always immediately obvious. Chapter 2's choices to hide the llama or the tech is one such example where the ramifications will be felt later on, so I've created this handy guide to help you make the right choice. If you'd rather not know the consequences of your actions, then consider this your only spoiler warning and chance to bail.

Should you hide the llama or the tech in Guardians of the Galaxy?

There are really three choices to make here: hide the llama, tech or do nothing. If you do nothing, you get fined and forfeit the tech, so at least make a decision one way or another.

Hide the llama

If you decide to hide the weird llama creature, Ko-Rel will punish you by fining you 7000 credits for trespassing and smuggling illegal weapons. This is quite a bad hit to take so early on in the game and it'll put you at a slight disadvantage in a later encounter. But, you will save 1000 credits all in, the llama will chew holes in the wall making your escape from Milano a little easier, and you get to keep a super cool space pet, so who's the real winner here? This one is considered the 'morally good' choice out of the two.

Hide Rocket's tech

If you decide Rocket's tech is worth keeping of the space llama, you'll be fined 8000 credits. This time, it's 1000 for that llama you tried to smuggle and 7000 for trespassing—kinda feels like she's making the rules up as she goes along, doesn't it? The tech does come in handy later on—you'll unlock additional homing missiles on Milano—so it is worth the risk, but that extra 1000 credits lost will cause you a bit of bother in the early chapters. 

Overall, keeping the llama is the cheaper choice, but if you want a slight, but not very significant edge in a later chapter, stash the tech. You'll still have the llama eating holes in the wall on Milano, but if you keep the tech, you'll need to sing to it to direct it.

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