GTA Trilogy cheats: The best cheats in The Definitive Edition

GTA Trilogy cheats
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GTA Trilogy cheats are a great way to spice up your time with the remasters. If you played the originals—that's GTA 3, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas—you might already be familiar with the cheats that were available for each game.

While some of the original codes won't work with GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition, there's still plenty that will. And with that in mind, I've listed the best ones here to help you live the dream in the big city and make the most of your time in the remasters. Here are the best GTA Trilogy cheats, along with how to use them.

How to use GTA Trilogy cheats 

The word 'cheats' is almost misleading. While they do let you do extraordinary things, such as giving you a gravity-defying super jump or arm rioting NPCs, you probably don't want to use them if you're hoping to progress the story. Essentially, some cheats can stop you from completing specific missions, even after they've been disabled.

Your best bet is to save the game before you activate any of these cheats. That way, you can just reload that save once you've had your fun. It's also worth mentioning that you shouldn't save with cheats active, again for the reason listed above.

To activate a cheat, simply type the code in while playing the game. You should then get a pop-up to say it's been activated. Make sure you're not on the pause screen or any other menu in the game, and it should work. 

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GTA 3 cheats

Swipe to scroll horizontally
100% healthGESUNDHEIT
Increase Wanted levelMOREPOLICEPLEASE

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GTA: Vice City cheats

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Full healthASPIRINE
Advanced weaponsNUTTERTOOLS
Flying boatsAIRSHIP
Nearby vehicles explodeBIGBANG
Spawn tankPANZER
Increase wanted level by twoYOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE
Hostile pedestriansNOBODYLIKESME

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GTA: San Andreas cheats 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Get full health and armour, and $250,000INEEDSOMEHELP
Super jumpKANGAROO
Immune to guns and fireNOONECANHURTME
Obtain a jetpackROCKETMAN
Infinite ammoFULLCLIP
Cars have nitroSPEEDFREAK
Cars float away when hitBUBBLECARS
Gang members everywhereONLYHOMIESALLOWED
Pedestrians are ElvisBLUESUEDESHOES

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The GTA Trilogy cheats that don't work in the remaster 

Swipe to scroll horizontally
GTA: Vice CityThick arms/legsDEEPFRIEDMARSBARS
GTA: Vice CityThin arms/legsPROGRAMMER
GTA: Vice CitySmoke a cigaretteCERTAINDEATH
GTA: Vice CityMake pedestrians enter your carHOPINGIRL
GTA: San AndreasFull weapon aiming in vehiclesIWANNADRIVEBY
GTA: San AndreasInvisible carsWHEELSONLYPLEASE
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