GTA Online's Import/Export expansion is even more about grand theft auto than usual

The next Grand Theft Auto Online expansion will take the game back to its roots, after a fashion, with the introduction of "the lucrative and specialized field of high-volume exotic car theft." Steal the hottest cars in the city, modify them, and then resell them for big profits—or show them off in your new Executive Office Garage, which offers up to three floors of customizable, showroom-quality storage for as many as 60 cars. 

(60? Maybe that's just a coincidence, but I suspect not.)

There's not much in the way of detail at this point, but Rockstar said the new expansion will build on the supply chains of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony expansion that was released this summer. "It will take talent, coordination, and the tactical use of some brand new Special Vehicles to get the job done, all while staying one step ahead of the police and rival challenges from across the city and countryside," the announcement says. 

It also features an image of what I have to assume is one of those "special vehicles," which is essentially a driveable ramp built over a roll cage. I'm not sure what sort of practical value a machine like that brings to the table, but given the state of the red car in the background, it's probably not an overly relevant concern anyway. GTA Online: Import/Export will be out later this month.