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GTA Online weekly update for February 18, 2021: new podium car, discounts and bonus payouts

GTA 5 Online weekly update
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Each Thursday, Rockstar releases the GTA Online weekly update—refreshing the multiplayer sandbox with new weekly discounts and bonuses. It's a great way to pick up some of the fastest cars in GTA Online, or to snag a new businesses without committing to days of grinding for cash. And even if you already own the business featured in a given week, its refurbishment options are usually on sale, too. Maybe you'll finally be able to pimp out that bunker.

This week, players can get 50% off a Motorcycle Clubhouse and its associated businesses. These are an OK earner if you're big into the passive side of cash gathering, requiring you to run supply and sale missions to manage effectively.

There are five MC businesses—meth, coke, weed, document forgery and counterfeit cash. And unless you think you'll be regularly running all five (trust me, you won't), you should only really consider the better paying options: coke, meth, and cash.

One additional benefit is that MC businesses also unlock new options for your Nightclub's warehouse, so if you picked that up on the cheap last week, now you can get it fully setup. Again: you only really want the three best earners, as your other two Nightclub staff are better off working on the Bunker and Crate/Hangar businesses.

What are the GTA Online weekly bonuses?

GTA Online Bonus $ and RP

As a little bonus for setting up your MC Business, their corresponding sell missions will payout double this week. You'll also get triple payout for being a CEO's associate—meaning it's a good week to help some friends with their vehicle sales.

  • 2x $ and RP on MC Businesses
  • 2x $ and RP on Contact Missions
  • 2x $ and RP on Open Wheel Races
  • 3x $ and RP on Bodyguards/Associates Payout

A bad plane, for sale.

(Image credit: Rockstar)

GTA Online Discounted Vehicles and Businesses

A nice collection of stuff is on sale this week, in addition to MC Businesses. There's a bunch of RC cars (and a tank!), some open-road vehicles, a jetpack, and discounts on the Casino Penthouse and Arena Workshop.

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  • 50% off Clubshouses
  • 50% off MC Businesses
  • 50% off Arena Workshop
  • 50% off Diamond Casino & Resort Master Penthouse: $750,000
  • 50% off Invade and Persuade RC Tank: $1,137,500
  • 50% off RC Bandito: $795,000
  • 50% off Mammoth Thruster: $1,828,750/$1,375,000 (Get the trade price by completing The Doomsday Scenario heist as heist leader)
  • 50% off BF Ramp Buggy: $1,596,000 /$1,200,000 (Get the trade price by completing the corresponding Special Vehicle Work mission)
  • 40% off Benefactor BR8: $2,040,000
  • 40% off Declasse DR1: $1,798,200
  • 40% off Progen PR4: $2,109,000
  • 40% off Ocelot R88: $1,869,000
  • 25% off RO-86 Alkonost: $3,262,500/$2,446,875 (Get the trade price by completion the Cayo Perico heist using this as the approach vehicle)
  • 25% off Grotti Itali RSX: $2,598,750/$1,949,062.5 (Get the trade price by helping return Moodymann to The Music Locker as CEO or MC President)
  • 100% off Dinka Verus

Twitch Prime Bonuses

A new batch arrives...

  • 80% off Dewbauchee Vagner: $307,000
  • 70% off Coil Rocket Voltic: $1,149,120/$864,000 (Get the trade price by completing the corresponding Special Vehicle Work mission)

Podium Vehicle

This week's Casino Lucky Wheel car is...

  • Överflöd Tyrant

And that's your lot. Luckily, grinding out cash through the MC's bonus payout should keep you plenty busy.

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