GTA Online's Los Santos Summer Special update goes live

(Image credit: Take-Two Interactive)

A sizable update for GTA Online has just gone live that adds new vehicles, co-op missions, revamped Business Battles, and an editor so you can make your own Open Wheel races. Rockstar has named it the Los Santos Summer Special, and detailed the contents of the update here.

There are quite a few rides included, from shiny sports cars like the Lampadati Tigonto, to the F1-style supercar Declasse DR1, and if you head to a mod shop you'll find a bunch of new wheels to enhance them with. More exciting perhaps are the new co-op missions, accessible from your superyacht (you do have a superyacht?) that will give you a "glimpse of life in the captain’s chair." Play 'em online or with some friends in your quest for "nautical vengeance", with the promise of a unique maritime outfit after finishing all six.

The game's Formula One-style Open Wheel races have been improved with nine additional races, visible tire wear on the cars, and the introduction of indicators to make you aware of body damage. There's a new editor as well that will let you make your own races. Business Battles have been similarly adjusted in today's update, with bigger rewards on offer if you manage to succeed.

Remember QUB3D, the arcade game from GTA IV? Well it's back, in Online form, along with Axe of Fury—a test of strength. The two new arcade cabinets have been dotted around the city, while Street Crimes: Gang Wars has been tweaked a bit so a single player can play it against the AI.

You'll find a few additional collectibles and clothes in the update too, along with a handful of fixes. It's a big ol' update, but there's more to come this year from GTA Online. A couple of weeks ago, Rockstar teased its "biggest ever update", which will add new heists set in "entirely new location".

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