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GTA Online extends business bonuses ahead of its incoming nightclub update

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Despite rumblings from some corners of the interwebs (opens in new tab), GTA Online's incoming nightclub update did not land yesterday. Instead, Rockstar has extended last week's (opens in new tab) Smuggler Sell Missions double RP/GTA$ bonus, its 25 percent discount on Special Cargo Crates, and its extra 25 percent earnings on Biker Business Sales. Likewise, Guest List signees (opens in new tab) can claim another $100,000 of free in-game cash, and a Blue Wireframe Bodysuit. 

All of which marks another pretty underwhelming week for GTA Online. Property discounts from now through July 23 range from Executive Offices and Bike Clubhouses at half price, to Bunkers and Hangars at 40 percent off, and Facilities with 30 percent reductions. 

A range of vehicle upgrades are on sale—with engine upgrades, handling upgrades, brakes, transmission, turbo, suspension, and spoilers all 30 percent less their regular cost. Phil and Samuel both called my souped-up Deluxo "gauche", with its light strips and add-ons and pearlescent paintwork. But what do they know?

Check out this week's vehicle discounts this way (opens in new tab), the most appealing of which, I reckon, is the Nagasaki Shotaro. Admittedly, the Tron-inspired bike isn't the most efficient way to scoot around in free-play, but you're required to play a round of Deadline (opens in new tab) in order to unlock it. That's great fun. At 30 percent off, the Shotaro drops from $2,225,000 to $1,557,500. If you can't afford that, here's how to make money in GTA Online (opens in new tab).   

Moreover, a host of aircraft and attack vehicles—and their respective weapon upgrades—are going cheap this week. The list of discounts in full can be found here (opens in new tab)

"Stay tuned for more nightlife scene details coming soon," reads the intro of this Rockstar Newswire post (opens in new tab). The promotional material for GTA Online's incoming nightclub update (opens in new tab) promises a July launch and, given it tends to roll out its updates on Tuesdays, means it'll likely arrive on July 24 or July 31. 

If rumblings from other corners of the interwebs (opens in new tab) are to be believed, we'll know more sooner rather than later. In any event, expect nightclub news in the coming weeks.