GTA Online's new Nightclubs will feature real-world performers

Last month, DJs The Black Madonna and Tale of Us teased a collaboration with fellow artists Solomun and Dixon for something happening this summer in the city of Los Santos. Today Rockstar revealed that all four artists will bring their beats to Grand Theft Auto Online's new Nightclubs, sweaty palaces of the underground dance scene that also provide a respectable cover for your shadier business affairs. 

Soon on GTA Tale Of Us

A photo posted by @taleofus on Jun 25, 2018 at 7:59am PDT

Full details won't be released for awhile, but Rockstar said players will design, set up, staff, and promote their new establishments, working to build their reputations and popularity, and thus the money they bring in. Club management is "honest work," which is of course what you want in a money-laundering operation, and that's apparently what's really going on here. Hey, it's GTA, what did you expect? 

As useful as this new avenue for criminality may be for your bottom line, the real attraction here is the appearance of The Black Madonna, Tale of Us, Solomun, and Dixon as themselves (or perhaps some thinly-veiled fascimile?) in the game. That could well make GTA Online's club scene the most interesting thing to happen to dancing in videogames since The Asylum.    

Andy Chalk

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