GTA 5 PC: everything you need to know

Gta 5 11

It's almost here! On April 14 we'll finally be able to play GTA 5 on PC. We hope the PC edition will prove to be the definitive, most graphically polished edition of the game. Driven slightly mad with anticipation, we modded GTA 4 into GTA 5, tried to get our hit from this collection of 10 games and considered why GTA 5 will be better on PC than anywhere else.

Let's step back for a moment and take a proper look at what the game is, and why it's so exciting. Who do you play as? What do you do? How does the online mode work? What's new for the PC version? We answer these exact questions in the pages to come.

Page 2: The story
Page 3: The world
Page 4: Online play
Page 5: PC-specific features
Page 6: GTA 5 videos


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