GTA 5 PC: everything you need to know


GTA 5 is set across the sprawling fictional state of San Andreas, which is divided into several distinct regions. You begin in Los Santos, a dense and affluent city in the south bearing more than a passing resemblance to Los Angeles. The centre is full of skyscrapers and celebrity culture obsessed billboards line the streets, but look a little closer and you'll discover a city of extremes that includes impoverished gang 'hoods and a large homeless encampment, hidden beneath the shelter of a major freeway.

Head north through the hills of Los Santos County, or along one of the freeways and you'll make your way to Blaine County, a much more rural area comprised mainly of deserts, forests as mountain ranges. Among the scattered villages and farms you'll find the towns of Paleto Bay, Grapeseed, and Sandy Shores. The latter serves as a home and a base of opportunity for Trevor Philips, who makes creative use of the Sandy Shores airfield.

There are plenty of sights to see across San Andreas. These are some of the most interesting places to visit:

Del Perro Pier

GTAV2 Del Perro Pier

Sat between Del Perro and Vespucci beaches, the world famous Del Perro Pier attracts visitors from far and wide, and at night it lights up like a neon beacon. As well as featuring several restaurants and a viewing platform at the far end, it also hosts the Pleasure Pier amusement park. Here you'll find the Ferris Whale big wheel and Leviathan roller coaster, both of which can be ridden for a small fee.

Vinewood Boulevard

GTAV2 Vinewood Boulevard

Located between Downtown and East Vinewood, this lively street is the perfect place to go celebrity spotting. Follow the Vinewood Walk of Fame pavement stars to the Oriental Theatre, where you'll find plenty of street performers out to entertain you—and the crowds of tourists that regularly gather here.

Vinewood Sign

GTAV2 Vinewood Sign

Set high in the Vinewood Hills, the iconic Vinewood Sign is visible from most locations in Los Santos and is a symbol of its excesses. If you make your way up to the sign you'll discover that each letter has a ladder up the side of it, leading to a platform at the top which affords excellent views across the city.

Mount Chiliad

GTAV2 Mount Chiliad

Towering over the surrounding Blaine County, Mount Chiliad is the tallest mountain in the state. To reach the summit you can either trek up the long and winding paths or, if you're not feeling so energetic, simply take the cable car that runs from Paleto Bay to the west. At the peak you'll find an observation deck, along with several dirt bikes and a wooden ramp, but most interestingly you'll also spot a strange mural within the cable car station—what could it mean?


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