GTA 5 PC: everything you need to know


Hands-on impressions

Editor Sam Roberts gives his first-hand impressions of GTA 5 PC in this edition of GTA V o'clock, with chat about the rig you'll need to run the game at it's best, as well as thoughts on why the PC version is the definitive version of Rockstar's open world crime thriller.

PC trailer—60fps

Captured on PC, make sure you're watching in a browser that's compatible with 60fps video. The GTA 5 PC trailer offers a laid-back glimpse of Los Santos with lots of slow-mo and shots of the city's ambient pedestrian bustle. This video was captured using the PC version of the game.

Online Heists video

GTA 5 has an expansive online mode which will allow for lots of improvised open world fun, but heists represent a more directed multiplayer experience that build on the structure of the single player campaign's staple missions. The premise is simple: form a crew with some friends, plan your approach, and then execute the perfect crime flawlessly (or crash the plane into a mountain, killing everyone). This video was captured on PC.

First person mode

Absent from the original Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, the first-person mode should come into its own with mouse and keyboard support on PC. As you can see from this video, it's not just a mod. Rockstar has polished up vehicle dashboards and more to make first-person as convincing as possible. Read Sam's hands-on with the PC edition of GTA 5 to find out why this is such a game-changer.


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