GTA 5 Dragon Ball script mod adds teleportation, Ki Blasts, Destructo Disc attacks (Updated)

Update: JulioNIB's Dragon Ball Z GTA 5 mod is now complete and available to download. 

As reported below, the prolific modder specialises in crafting Grand Theft Auto superhero mods with previous projects targeting The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and The Flash.

JulioNIB's latest venture lets players fly and leverage Ki Blasts to their advantage, and charges them with superhuman strength and gravity-defying hair. Download instructions, including the requisite cosmetic models required to match the following footage, can be found here

Here's new moving pictures of JulioNIB's GTA V Dragon Ball script in motion: 

Original story: Like Chris, I enjoy checking in on prolific GTA 5 modder JulioNIB from time to time to see what he's been up to. Last week, he uploaded a Dragon Ball work-in-progress mod that lets players fly, teleport, and Ki Blast their way around Los Santos to great effect. 

Off the back of his entertaining Grand Theft Auto 5 superhero mods, the Dragon Ball script mod again allows players to tear up the faux LA cityscape from land or sky, utlising a host of DB-authentic powers and moves as they go. 

Here's the Kamehameha energy attack in motion, for example:

And some Ki Blast attacking and teleportation: 

And the iconic Destructo Disc attack: 

Moreover, a handful of screens are housed via the creator's blogspot page. If you fancy testing the work-in-progress version of the Dragon Ball script mod, JulioNIB directs you towards his Patreon page

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