GTA 5 The Flash Version 2.0 script mod is head-spinning awesome

Having launched a Patreon earlier this year, esteemed Grand Theft Auto modder JulioNIB has since set about reworking some of their earlier work. In July, this saw the creator launch the GTA 5 Iron Man script mod Version 2.0—an improved variation of the original that added new animations, new effects, new sounds and, in turn, new ways to tear up Los Santos. 

The Flash Version 2.0 follows suit. Despite being a work-in-progress at present, it looks to advance the original mod's formula with new animations, improvements to the superhero's physics-defying wall sprints, and tweaks to his car-smashing Punch Machine Attack, his body-contorting Super Melee Attack, his enemy hiding Phase to Ground Attack, his head-spinning Tornado Attack, and his organ-ripping Heart Attack.

The last one is particularly devastating and stars around the minute mark here:

Again, JulioNIB's The Flash Version 2.0 script is for now a WIP mod, however their turnover after first tease is typically fast. Check out more of the creator's work via their blog and Pateron pages.       

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