Modder JulioNIB delivers Crysis nanosuit powers to GTA 5

Every so often I check in on prolific modder JulioNIB to see what he's been up to, and sure enough, there's another fun new GTA 5 mod on the horizon. Fresh off creating a Green Goblin mod, complete with AI-infused glider and pumpkin bombs, now he's working on bringing the nanosuit from Crysis to Los Santos, along with its powers: cloak, armor, speed, and strength. Take a look at the work-in-progress video above.

While the mod isn't available yet, it's already looking pretty great and should give us plenty of new ways to wreak havoc on the streets of Los Santos. Another bonus: the radial HUD from Crysis is included, letting you select your powers quickly and easily. The growly nanosuit voice-over when you select your powers—"maximum ahh-muh"—is there as well, along with the weapon customization menu from Crysis. Perhaps most importantly, you'll have the ability to grab dudes by the neck and throw them around. Ahh, that takes me back.

Here are links to lists of JulioNIB's mods for GTA 5 and mods for GTA 4. You can also become a patron to get early access to work-in-progress mods.

Christopher Livingston
Staff Writer

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