GOG's Spring Sale kicks off with 500+ deals, up to 90 percent off select games

Last week's RPG Sale has barely left us, however digital distributor GOG has launched its Spring Sale—a limited time discount period that slashes the prices of over 500 games by as much as 90 percent. 

From now through Sunday, March 12, the sale covers a huge range of games across all genres, and handily gathers a few into loosely tied groupings. Collections such as Our Favourite RPGs and Our Favourite First Person Games include exactly what you might expect—examples being Outlast at £4.09/$4.99, Superhot at £8.69/$10.74, and Mirror's Edge at £3.79/$4.66 in the former category; and The Witcher 3 GOTY Edition at £20.99/$26.09, Shadowrun: Hong Kong at £5.39/$6.66, and Dex at £3.09/$3.74 in the latter.

More playful assortments such as Games With Wacky Weapons—which includes Titan Souls for £2.79/$3.39, Brutal Legend for £2.49/$2.99, and Worms WMD for £13.29/$16.52—make for good fun.  

As always, you'll want to search for your own favourite deals—remember to share them with us in the comments below—but some of my own favourites include the brutally challenging RPG Darkest Dungeon at half price for £9.49/$11.79, the lovely Vampire: The Masquerade—Bloodlines at £5.28/$4.99 with 75 percent off, Supergiant's wonderful Bastion for just £3.09/$3.74, and the uber-cool Hotline Miami and its Wrong Number sequel for £2.09/$2.49 and £2.99/$3.69 respectively. 

The GOG Spring Sale is live right now through this coming Sunday, March 12.