GOG kicks off a week-long Halloween sale

Knock Knock
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With Halloween now less than a week away—October 31 is this Saturday, in case you don't have a calendar handy—GOG has kicked off a week-long sale with discounts of up to 91 percent off on more than 850 games.

Why 91 percent? No idea—maybe GOG just wants to out-discount everyone else. In any event, the sale is helpfully divided into categories: Tricks (spooky games), Treats (cute games), Scariest Discounts (which is where the 91 percent discount comes in), and Ghostly Indies. There's quite a bit of familiar Halloween fare in here, so let's turn our attention to a few that may have gone under the radar over the years:

There's a lot more to see than just those—more than 850 games, remember—and if you'd rather not play around with cutesy categories and the like, you can dive face-first into the full list of discounted games here. GOG's Halloween Sale runs until November 2. 

Epic Games Store and the Humble Store are also running Halloween sales right now, and expect the Steam Halloween Sale to kick off later this week.

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