Goat Simulator update will release on June 3rd, adds new map and local multiplayer

If games are art, then what is Goat Simulator? Finger painting maybe. Or an abstract treatise on the futility of perfection. Whatever the analogy, it's about to get bigger. A free update is adding a new map, new goats, wall-running and four-player split-screen. Now, Coffee Stain Studios have announced that this extra goat action will be made available on June 3rd.

Here's the feature list for update 1.1:

  • A whole new playable map, roughly the size of the old map

  • Local splitscreen multiplayer, up to four goats can play on one machine at the same time!

  • Goat wall-running and balancing on your front legs

  • You will be able to ride bicycles and skateboards, and force humans to ride you.

  • New playable goats, including Tornado Goat, Shopping Goat, Classy Goat, Repulsive Goat, and more!

  • Optimization, achievements, and all kinds of other cool jazz.

In his review , Andy called Goat Simulator a joke stretched way too thin. Whether the addition of a new map will help, or stretch its basic premise even further, it's good to see the developers bringing more to the game.

Phil Savage

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