How to add Gleamy Ooblets to your collection

gleamy ooblets
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Looking for Gleamy Ooblets to add to your collection? Ooblets might be in early access, but there are still many creatures for you to find, pet, and throw down against. If you spend enough in-game days wandering around Badgetown, though, you’ll begin to notice different kinds Ooblet, but with the same name. Like Pokémon’s Shinies, Ooblets has a rare variation called Gleamies.

This guide will cover their differences compared to your regular Oobs, the current list available in game, and the best ways to increase your chances of finding Gleamy Ooblets.

What are Gleamy Ooblets?

Gleamy Ooblets are the most rare variation of creatures in Glumberland's cutesy indie. They're distinct to from regular and uncommon types (the latter having different colors) with a glowing aura around them. You can battle them if you have the required item, like their regular version, and their seed will grow into a baby Gleamy at first. Over time they will start getting bigger, and if Rugnolia scans them, you’ll obtain a rare figurine for the town hall exhibit as well.

How to get Gleamy ooblets

Sadly there's no specific way to get these rare creatures beyond dumb luck; The way to get Gleamies is to bump into them in Badgetown, but the chances are usually slim. You can get a head start before by looking at the list showcasing the list of Ooblets available each day, but maximise your chances by sprinting around the town and look for any glowing creatures.

There are ways to increase the odds, though. Once your character reaches level four, make sure to invest into 'Even More Ooblets!' in the town’s well, which has a hefty cost of 100 wishies—but it’s really worth it. Each upgrade adds three more Ooblets to the selection roster, giving you more chances per day, so you should prioritize them as soon as you have wishies to spare.

To further increase your chances, there are two locations that become available as Tinstle’s Tasks at level four that will help immensely: Dance Barn and Mamoonia, the latter being the sole additional location to the city accessible with an aerostatic globe. The first will ask for 20 Planklets, 12 Nurnies, four Clothlets, one Oobsidian, and 300 Gummies, while the second asks for 20 Planklets, eight Clothlets, 12 Nurnies, and one Oobsidian.

The Dance Barn allows you to take daily dance-battle tournaments, rewarding you with a rare seed if you emerge victorious, which have a chance of being uncommon or Gleamy seeds. Mamoonia just serves as a different location, but there are Ooblets there that you won’t see in Badgetown, so it’s always worth paying a quick visit.

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How to fight Gleamy Ooblets in dance battles

Gleamies present challenging duels, but you can easily out-dance them with the right team. But before you rush out to hunt and bolster your squad, here are a couple tricks I’ve learned on the dance floor that you should keep in mind.

Use stun cards

This not only prevents a rival Ooblet from performing an action, but it also disables all the cards in hand that comes from that specific critter. As a result, if your opponent has five cards, but three are related to a stunned Ooblet, they won't be able to do much during that turn.

Be ready for warm up turns

Once you start challenging rarer Ooblets, you will notice some cards activating rather powerful actions that require several warm up turns. Some, for example, will grant the opposite team 15 or 20 points after three to four turns, which can completely turn the tide of (dance) battle. The best way to prevent these actions from happening is to stun them, which will cancel the warm up automatically.

Invest beats into Hype points

Doing this during dance competitions is key as all of your cards will gain bonuses, increasing their base number by one, whether you are gaining points or stealing them. Fluster, a debuff that produces the opposite effect, can leave you at a big disadvantage, but producing Hype can counter it. Otherwise, you might even end up with completely useless hands, as cards will go as low as zero points with enough Fluster.

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What is Rainbow Rain in Ooblets?

Rainbow Rain is an unusual phenomenon in Ooblets. Normal rain is already pretty rare anyway, but this special weather can happen randomly, and there are a couple of things you should know in case you see one of them during your time in town.

Rain usually waters your crops for the day, and also increases your chance of finding Rainplops, an item needed to create Sprinklers (water pistols that will automatically water a row of three crops in your farm). It’s super useful, but it doesn’t happen often. Rainbow Rain does not share the same perks, but has the advantage of increasing your chances of finding Gleamies in town.

All Gleamy Ooblets list

There are 25 Gleamies to find in Ooblets at time of writing, and I've listed them all below, along with their locations and items you’ll need to battle them.

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GleamyLocationItems required
BittleBadgetown, also the Peaksnubs starter1 Peaksnubs Pickle
BristlebudMamoonia1 Quib
ClickyclawsBadgetown2 Froobtoose
ClomperBadgetown2 Sweetiebeetie
DerbleMamoonia1 Quib
DumbirbBadgetown2 Muz
FirmoMamoonia1 Quib
FleebleBadgetown3 Sporbet
FrippMamoonia1 Quib
HermbleMamoonia1 Quib
IsopudBadgetown3 Beanjuice
LumpstumpBadgetown4 Planket
MoogyBadgetown2 Pompadoot Juice
NuppoBadegtown1 Flooti Karioka
OogumBadgetown1 Oodles
PetulaBadgetown1 Caroot Cake
PlobBadgetown2 Muz Flour
RadladBadgetown2 Hop Dob
ShrumboBadgetown, also the Mossprouts starter1 Mossprout Malt
SidekeyBadgetown, also the Mimpkins starter1 Mimpkins Metal Mallow
SpuddleBadgetown1 Clambrosia
TudBadgetown, also the Frunbuns starterFrunbuns Hunbun
UnnyhunnyBadgetown1 Quib Tart
WigglewipBadgetown2 Caroot
WhirlitzerBadgetown2 Ground Springbeans