Ghostrunner is a cyberpunk-style mix of Dishonored and Mirror's Edge

The wall-running parkour revolution has kind of fizzled out in video games, and that's a sad thing. Fortunately, an upcoming game called Ghostrunner seems to remember the heady days of Titanfall 2 and Mirror's Edge as fondly as I do, and developer One More Level seems keen to pack as much of that stuff into one trailer as they can fit.

The reveal trailer above gives you about as much information as we have on Ghostrunner. It's a first-person action game featuring someone with an electric knife wall-running, whip-swinging, and neck stabbing their way through a grubby, neon lit future cityscape.

The Steam page is live now, and it provides some additional backstory for Ghostrunner's setting. Humanity has faced a global cataclysm, forcing everyone to live in a single superstructure designed by someone called The Architect. It's a very cyberpunky story, with implants determining the social class of everyone in the Tower, and it's your job to flit between reality and cyberspace in order to make your way to the top of the Tower and unravel its mysteries.

Along the way, it seems you'll be doing a lot of dashing along walls and using an energy whip to propel yourself over gaps, plummeting to the ground long enough to sink a dagger into an enemy's unsuspecting neck. Fun stuff.

Ghostrunner is scheduled for launch next August, so we have a while to wait. In the meantime, maybe it's time to replay Mirror's Edge.