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Mirror's Edge: Catalyst trailer shows gorgeous freerunning

Mirror's Edge
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Here's the first proper Mirror's Edge: Catalyst footage from Gamescom 2015. It shows Faith freerunning through the open world before infiltrating a gorgeous and remarkably impractical skyscraper. The City's architects have a great eye for colour, and know exactly where to put a light rig to highlight platforming opportunities for runners. Faith also flings herself around a pole to kick a guy into some glass, which is the first we've seen of the momentum-based combat system that uses Faith's speed to KO opponents instantly. Find out more about that, and the new open world setting, in our hands-on preview.

Tom Senior
Based in Bath with the UK team, Tom loves strategy games, action RPGs, hack ‘n slash games, digital card games… basically anything that he can fit on a hard drive. His final boss form is Deckard Cain.