Ghost Recon Wildlands trailer showcases 20 minutes of the single-player campaign

Ghost Recon: Wildlands sets a team of four special forces types off into the Bolivian jungle to wreak havoc among the ranks of the Santa Blanca cartel, and as such it's designed first and foremost as a multiplayer experience. But there's a single-player mode in there too, in which players take control of one operator and give out orders to the rest. This is what it looks like.

Running through the jungle and infiltrating enemy camps is more than a little reminiscent of Far Cry, but the added element of squadmates opens up a wider range of gameplay possibilities. Squaddies can be rallied to secure specific locations, and "sync shots" will let you kill multiple enemies simultaneously, a good way to get places quietly. And when the shooting does start in earnest, it's always nice to have someone with a gun hanging out your car window. 

The kidnapping mission in the video goes off relatively smoothly, although the player does get beat up pretty badly at one point. This is all happening at "normal" difficulty; the narrator, lead game designer Dominic Butler, warns that at the highest level of difficulty, players can be killed by a single shot.   

Ghost Recon Wildlands is scheduled for release on March 7. Before that, there will be a beta, which you can sign up for here

Andy Chalk

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