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Ghost Recon Online launches first official tournament, cup series starts Sept. 15

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Ghost Recon Online will stage its first official tournament September 15, beginning a seven-week cup series that will culminate in a continental final for European and North American players, according to a recent announcement (opens in new tab) . The $3,200 tournament is being jointly presented by the free-to-play game's publisher Ubisoft and Electronic Sports Leagues (opens in new tab) .

The competition will feature six on six matches in onslaught, conquest, and holdout game modes on the following maps: Chertanovo LZ, Markov Station, Tomsk-9, Korolyov Towers, Shearwater 51. Each weekly tournament in the cup series will see teams competing for $250 in prize money for the winning players as well as points towards participation the respective continental final at the end of the series.

While you can participate in any of the weekly cup series events, the eight teams with the highest point totals after seven weeks will gain entry into the final. Entry into the tournament is free, according to ESL. Specific rules and registration information for North American GRO players and clans is here (opens in new tab) , while European competitors should go here (opens in new tab) .

First announced in 2011, GRO remains in an open-beta phase of development. While the game has surely evolved somewhat since its days in closed-beta, be sure to have a look at our hands-on preview .

Hat tip, Polygon .