Get a CyberPower 1000VA 600W pure sine wave UPS for $100

We're big proponents of having your PC plugged into an uninterruptible power supply, and for a long time we've been recommending CyberPower's 1500VA (900W) CP1500PFCLCD as our top pick. For about half the price, however, you can snag a lower capacity version of that same UPS.

B&H Photo is selling CyberPower 1000VA (600W) CP1000PFCLCD for $100, after you virtually clip a $50 coupon that is right there on the product page. That matches the lowest price we've seen for this model.

One of the things we like about this UPS is that it's a pure sine wave model. At this price, most models only have simulated sine wave output, and some electronics can act wonky with simulated sive wave UPSes.

You get 10 outlets on this model. Half of them provide surge protection only, and the other half offer both surge protection and battery backup in case the power goes out. It also offers surge protection and filtering for coax and Ethernet cables.

At full load, CyberPower says there is enough juice here to stay running for 3 minutes when the power goes out, and 9 minutes at half load. Not that we recommend trying to do much when that happens—more importantly, a UPS gives you time to save your work and shut down properly.

You can grab this deal here.

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Paul Lilly

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