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Genshin Impact Fecund's Blessings - Eula is posing next to a Fecund Hamper
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The Of Ballads and Brews event has arrived in Genshin Impact and Fecund's Blessings is one of the activities, tasking you with locating hidden hampers in and around Mondstadt. There are three parts to this quest though you'll need to complete them in order.

The event itself runs until October 17, so you've got a few weeks to find and collect the hampers. If you complete all the activities during the event—not just Fecund's Blessing—you'll be rewarded with an event-exclusive weapon, the Missive Windspear polearm. So if you're ready to start hunting hampers, here are the Fecund's Blessings hamper locations in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Fecund's Blessings: How to unlock 

In order to gain access to the Of Ballads and Brews event, you'll need to be Adventure Rank 21 or above and have completed the Archon quest Prologue: Act 3 - Song of the Dragon and Freedom and the story quest Lupus Minor Chapter: Act 1 - The Meaning of Lupical.

To get started, you need to complete the Of Ballads and Brews starting quest, Sounds from Afar which begins by speaking to Katheryne in Mondstadt. Once completed, head to the event menu and look for the Fecund's Blessing activity. There are three stages in total:

  • When the Music Sounds
  • The Feast in Full Swing
  • The Afterparty

You're given clues to find the locations of the hampers, and once you've collected all eight, you can move on to the next stage. Here are the locations for each.

When the Music Sounds

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When the Music Sounds: Fecund Hamper locations 

The map above shows the locations of each of the Fecund Hampers and you can find the clues below. 

  1. I've placed the gift near the stage at the Wine Market. I hope that this gift will make the day of the person who finds it.
  2. I have left my honest well-wishes beside the spring fairy.
  3. The gift is near the house at the southernmost tip of Springvale.
  4. I placed my gift behind a shop in Mondstadt City. The cats here are quite cute, and the cocktail made by that angry bartender is pretty good — not a match for our Snezhnayan Fire-Water, but still.
  5. Thank Lord Barbatos for granting Mondstadt this lovely harvest. I have placed my gift at his feet.
  6. The gift has been placed at the rear gate of Angel's Share.
  7. Mondstadt has a place with a truly excellent view. Have you been there? I'll give you another hint. It's very, very, very high up. Take care when you head up there.
  8. I have placed the gift at training grounds near the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. When you go and get it, please try to be quiet so as to avoid disturbing those training there. Thank you for your consideration.

The Feast in Full Swing

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The Feast in Full Swing: Fecund Hamper locations 

You can find the locations of the Fecund Hampers on the map above. If you're just after the clues for each, you can find those listed here too. 

  1. Come, you who enjoy adventure. A gift prepared specifically by yours truly is waiting for you near a certain shop that sells souvenirs.
  2. How do you do, friend? I have placed my gift near a venerable hotel in Mondstadt City (that is now being occupied by a group of guests from afar).
  3. The giant leaves turn with the wind. The gift is close to the Knights of Favonius Headquarters.
  4. I have placed the gift beside Cider Lake where I usually feed the ducks. Don't startle them while you're getting it.
  5. People travail endlessly on the south wind's road; but gifts go unnoticed at the lake's side gate.
  6. In the Magus-Custodian of Books' sanctum, the High Lady of Immernachtreich has bestowed upon thee a benediction.
  7. So, there's this old battered cart at the place where I usually go fish blasting, right? I hid my present behind it. If you can find it, it's all yours. 
  8. There is a small shoal in the Whispering Woods near Cider Lake where a small pier lies. I have placed my present in that area. (The road there is somewhat bumpy, so be careful not to fall.)

The Afterparty

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The Afterparty: Fecund Hamper locations 

This is the final stage of the Fecund's Blessings activity. The clues for each are listed below or if you want to go straight there, you can refer to the map above for their locations. 

  1. Stand at the door of the greatest hunter in Springvale and head to the south. I have hidden my gift on a cliff. If you find it, it's all yours. There's some really good stuff in there.
  2. One may search far and wide, but what they're looking for may be right by the starting point.
  3. My gift is on the cliff face at the waterfall on the outskirts of Springvale. Only the bravest of all shall obtain it.
  4. Just follow your nose. The gift is beside that one spot in Springvale from which the aroma of meat ever drifts.
  5. I left a present at The Symbol of Mondstadt's Hero.
  6. The present is near Windrise, inside a red adventurer's tent.
  7. The gift is near the main entrance to Dawn Winery. Feel free to come and visit.
  8. I have placed my festive flower basket at the house due south of Dawn Winery. I hope that you'll be able to share this joy with me.
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