Where to find all 8 Ancient Carvings in Genshin Impact's new Dragonspine zone

Genshin Impact Ancient Carvings location
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(Image credit: MiHoYo)

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If you find all eight Ancient Carvings in Dragonspine, Genshin Impact's newest zone, you'll earn yourself a killer four-star Claymore called Snow-tombed Starsilver. There's just one problem: Dragonspine is an enormous mountain full of hidden caves and passages, so finding all eight Ancient Carvings will take a lot of time and energy. That's where this guide comes in.

Below you'll find the location of every Ancient Carving and the secret door they unlock so you can get a blueprint of Snow-tombed Starsilver. From there, you'll have to craft it (don't worry, that's covered too). So grab a warm jacket and let's get exploring.

Genshin Impact: Ancient Carving locations 

The eight Ancient Carvings are found scattered throughout Dragonspine. To start hunting them, all you have to do is interact with one. That will illuminate a glyph in the secret room where the Snow-tombed Starsilver blueprint is located. Once all eight glyphs are lit by interacting with each stone, you'll be able to go past the locked door and get your prize.

This room is located almost directly below the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine. Here's its location on a map. The second image is a close-up of the Ancient Carving so you know what to look for.

This room luckily contains the first Ancient Carving. The rest will be challenging to locate, but fortunately redditor 'TriNity696' has shared a map with all of the locations helpfully marked: 

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Most of the Ancient Carvings are simple to find, but one is particularly challenging because it is locked behind another secret door that requires three boxes to unlock. Like the Ancient Carvings, these boxes are hidden around Dragonspine. Fortunately, it'll only take a few minutes to gather them and YouTuber 'ON Game' has an excellent and succinct video showing the locations of each box and the secret room containing one of the Ancient Carvings. 

Finally, if you're struggling to locate the Ancient Carvings using the map alone, here's another video showing the location of each one so you can follow along step-by-step. 

Reward: Snow-tombed Starsilver 

Once you've interacted with all eight Ancient Carvings, head back to the door below the Statue of the Seven and you'll be able to interact with the cube-shaped device in front of it to unlock it. Inside, you'll find a chest with a Memory of the Entombed City. Open your inventory and go to your Precious Items tab where you can use Memory of the Entombed City to learn the recipe to craft Snow-tombed Starsilver at a blacksmith.

Snow-tombed Starsilver requires 50 Crystal Chunks and 50 Starsilver (the new ore found all over Dragonspine) to craft.

Before you leave, though, this room has four torches in each corner. Light them all to unlock a second chest with another four-star claymore. Nice!

Snow-tombed Starsilver stats:

  • Base attack: 44
  • Secondary stat: +7.5 Phys DMG%
  • Special ability: Frost Burial, hitting an opponent with normal and charged attacks has a 60% chance of forming and dropping an Everfrost Icicle above them, dealing 80% AoE ATK DMG. Opponents affected by Cryo take 200% extra ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 10s.

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