PC Gamer is hiring! We're looking for a top-notch video producer to join us in the UK

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Video: An arrangement of images that simulates motion. We're confident that it's the next big thing, and PC Gamer needs someone who lives and breathes it to be our in-house video producer at our Bath, UK office. Reckon that could be you? This is the place to start.

As PC Gamer video producer, your job will be creating, managing, and delivering a whole gamut of video content across a bunch of different platforms. You'll need to know the ins and outs of YouTube, naturally, but people are watching videos all over the place these days, so we're also after someone who's equally at home with Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. This role is best suited to an all-rounder, capable of scripting and editing killer shorts as well as longer form content.

Working as part of PC Gamer's editorial team, you'll be helping us grow our presence on those platforms (and any that take off in future) with a mixture of editorial and commercial content. You'll need to be comfortable coming up with new ideas, collaborating with others, writing scripts, and even presenting videos yourself. Being able to to take a broader view of video strategy, and what works for a brand like PC Gamer, would be a substantial bonus.

You can find more details and apply using the full job listing on Workable here. Likewise, we'd love talk with you during the interview process about what you make of our current output on YouTube and TikTok.

As ever, a proven track record and oodles of experience are incredibly handy. If you're an Adobe Premiere maestro who can produce multiple pieces a day without sacrificing quality, if you know how to take longform articles and turn them into punchy scripts, and if you can deliver pieces to camera with polish and panache, then there's a good chance you're the person we're looking for. Ideally you will already be running your own successful channel or have at least one year's experience working as a video professional.

Oh, and a deep knowledge of all things PC gaming is, of course, an absolute must.

Curious what's in it for you? We've got all sorts of perks here at our parent company Future. We've got unlimited time off, an annual profit pool bonus program, and myriad opportunities for learning and talent development. Most important, though, is you'll get to make videos about your wildest gaming takes and have people watch them. Trust me, that's priceless.

Joshua Wolens
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