How to watch Summer Game Fest 2024 and what we know will be there

Good ol' Geoff Keighley is back with another festival of games in LA—a sort of expo of electronic entertainment, if you will—and 2024's Summer Game Fest livestream airs this Friday.

What time does Summer Game Fest start?

Summer Game Fest 2024 is on Friday, June 7 at 2 pm Pacific. That's 5 pm Eastern, 10 pm in the UK. Find your time zone here.

Where can I watch Summer Game Fest?

You can watch the show live on YouTube  (embedded above) or Twitch

Here are some of the appearances that have been teased in advance of this year's Summer Game Fest:

Keighley has told us not to expect lots of bombshell reveals of previously unannounced games at this year's show, so don't go in hoping for an "and one more thing" followed by a trailer for Half-Life 3. (Not that you would've anyway.) 

The stream will instead focus on games we already know about. However, regarding that big 2K Games announcement, the 2K homepage got an accidental update this morning and it looks like the series in question is not BioShock or Borderlands, but Civilization

Here's a partial list of the show's partners:

"Summer Game Fest" is sometimes used to refer to the overall slate of gaming showcases that happen in June, which includes the big Xbox event and our own PC Gaming Show—our full summer gaming showcase schedule has all the details on those and more.

Tyler Wilde
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