Where to get Wild Offerings in World of Warcraft

A night elf faces off against an orc warrior in World of Warcraft Classic, amidst the dense shadowy woodland of Ashenvale.
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You might not know what to do with Wild Offerings if you find them in your inventory in World of Warcraft Classic. These items are the objective of a quest in the third phase of WoW's Season of Discovery, but they also act as a type of currency. Confusingly, you can loot Wild Offerings before you pick up the associated The Wild Gods quest, but you won't be able to use them until it has been completed.

In this guide, I'll explain how Wild Offerings work, how to get them, and where to find The Wild Gods quest so you can trade them at the vendor.

Where to pick up The Wild Gods quest 

The Wild Gods quest is picked up from the Shadowtooth Emissary in Felwood. A later step of this quest tasks you with collecting Wild Offerings, which are uncommon items that drop from specific enemies under certain circumstances. As mentioned above, however, it's possible to pick them up beforehand. 

Here's a brief summary of the order that things should happen: 

  1. Speak to the Shadowtooth Emissary in Felwood and pick up The Wild Gods quest.
  2. Kill trolls in the Hinterlands for the Wildwhisper Draught item.
  3. Head to the Razerfen Downs dungeon and drink the draught at the final boss location.
  4. Speak to the newly spawned Spirit of Agamaggan to pick up the next part of the quest and the Agamaggan's Roar item.
  5. Collect Wild Offerings from Delirious Ancients.
  6. Return to the Shadowtooth Emissary to hand in the quest and gain a Rune, as well as access to their goods, which can be traded for Wild Offerings.

One thing to note is that only one player needs the Wildwhisper Draught to spawn the spirit in Razerfen Downs, so as long as you've picked up the initial quest from the Shadowtooth Emissary in Felwood, it's possible to skip steps two and three.

How to collect Wild Offerings 

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You need three Wild Offerings to complete the quest. These are dropped by Delirious Ancients, a type of ghostly enemy that only spawns in three specific dungeons, and only then after you've met certain criteria once inside. 

  • Clear three bosses in Zul'Farrak
  • Clear the final boss area in Maraudon
  • Clear all bosses in Blackrock Depths

A ghostly enemy will appear once you've met the requirements and you'll need to use Agamaggan's Roar near it to be able to attack and kill it. Once it's been taken care of, pick up the Wild Offering.

You don't need to run all three dungeons—you can run the same one three times if you like, so you don't need to worry about finding groups for each.

Shadowtooth Emissary rewards 

Return to the Shadowtooth Emissary at the southern end of Felwood. Once you've handed in The Wild Gods quest and received your Rune, you can collect more Wild Offerings to purchase some of the 55 item-level rare gear they have on offer. 

  • Shadowtooth Bag: 10 Wild Offerings
  • Cord of the Untamed: 15 Wild Offerings
  • Crown of the Dreamweaver: 15 Wild Offerings
  • Band of the Wilds: 12 Wild Offerings
  • Breadth of the Beast: 12 Wild Offerings
  • Godslayer's Greaves: 15 Wild Offerings
  • Defender of the Wilds: 12 Wild Offerings
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